Remix: The Autumn Outfit I Keep Repeating

ginger kitten-23rem1-sideWhen I first started fashion blogging I was very interesting in "remixes" or re-wearing clothes in the most different and unusual way possible. The idea was to repeat clothes, but never outfits. You'd wear the same dress, but you'd always mix up how you'd style it and try to make it look very different to the last time you had worn it. It went beyond switching up accessories to actually changing the silhouette of a piece with temporary hems, quirky layering etc. These days I don't feature as many remixes on my blog because I sort of like wearing the same things, in the same ways. Case in point: one of my favorite autumn outfits featuring the same sweater, skirt, and tights. Sure I might add or subtract a beret, change out the shoes, and this year I added a detachable collar, but honestly it's the same look. If I didn't tell you these pictures were taken in different years (let alone different days) would you even be able to tell? Other than my hair being slightly longer, not much has changed and honestly I'm okay with that. I look at it as a mark of self-confidence that I'm not afraid to know what I like and stick to it. I don't need to experiment as much because I have found my style sweet spot. I'm still all for re-mixing and re-wearing my clothes, but more often than not I'm quite guilty of being an outfit repeater.


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