Why Getting a Wolfhound Was the Best Idea Ever

One of the things they say about Irish wolfhounds is that they form incredibly close bonds with their families. So far, Solomon's greatest demand has been our time and attention. He isn't prone to chewing on the furniture or our shoes, or jumping or excessive nipping, but he really wants you to see him, pet him, play with him. If he's settled in the living room chewing on a toy and I get up from my seat to go into the kitchen to cook, he leaves his toy and follows me and lays down at my feet while I'm working at the stove. Even when he's happily occupied with a toy he wants to be on your feet or lap. In fact, that's probably when he's happiest in the evenings, sitting on your lap while quietly ripping apart a toy fox. When we first got him I didn't think we would include him in too many photographs--working with animals is notoriously difficult and I doubted that a young puppy would have the patience to pose. I didn't like the idea of having to force him to be still for pictures when he wanted to run around. But it turns out if I stop moving and start posing for a few pictures, he'll come sit beside me. If I sit down, he'll stick his head on my knee. I often think what a perfect companion he would be for child left to run free a bit--he always wants to be beside you, experiencing your adventures as the loyal sidekick as you grow up together. I used to picture my future life with a wolfhound by my side, but Solomon is even more affectionate and devoted than I could have imagined. Sure, he's still a bit of hassle when we try to plan trips and he's struggling with learning to not run up to every stranger and their dog to say 'hi,' but all the annoyances are definitely outweighed by his sweet companionship. He's making me a healthier person in more than one way. I spend less time on my phone because he wants to play or be petted. And I'm outdoors more than ever before, walking him in all conditions and going new routes to explore with him. As sunny as these pictures are, rainy days have actually become my favorite. On rainy days the parks become quiet and empty so I don't have to worry about him pulling to socialize and instead we can explore all over with only a few squirrels, crows, and the occasional herd of sheep for company. Solomon's not the least bit bothered by the rain and I'm getting a thicker skin as well--not having a natural fur coat to keep me toasty means I depend on proper footwear and jackets to stay cozy! Thankfully Lighthouse has me covered in that department with their a/w gear. This down jacket is the coziest thing and is so small and lightweight it's perfect for packing. It's funny, before Solomon I was hesitant to get a dog because of all those early morning walks, rainy days when you still have to take him out, wet dog in the house, curtailed travel, etc etc...and while I still don't like early mornings, so many of those things I was concerned about don't bother me anymore. Wind? Wear a cozy jacket. Wet dog? Keep a towel near the door. Travel? There's so much to explore on our doorstep. Anyway, I'm definitely on the verge (over the verge?) of being a crazy dog lady, but I just have no regrets about adding Solomon to our life and routine. A dog is a big responsibility and giant breeds have their own special concerns, but it's absolutely been the best decision.
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