A Batty Sweater

How cute is this sweater? I mean a bat on a bat-wing sweater?! How clever! I thought my pointed collar from Magnus Clothing was a perfect fit with it because the collar shape reminded me of fangs. After this post, I feel I need to work on resisting too on-theme clothing for holidays because once the holiday is over you can't really wear them anymore! A cobweb collar I feel can still work into November and other months as it's just a bit creepy, but I feel a number of my pumpkin print and skeleton pieces have to be retired until another year. What do you think? Do you keep wearing your themed clothes long after the holiday as wrapped? I find spooky Halloween pieces nearly impossible to resist--they represent my favorite season and always toe the line between kitsch and creepy (which is nice for me as my style tends to go straight to kitsch and twee!). We took some of these pictures at a local pumpkin farm, getting a bit muddy in the fields, then headed to our favorite farm shop to actually purchase a few. I love that through my in-laws we have contacts for most of the local farmers in our region and can get permission to poke about their fields from time-to-time. It's a different scene wandering around where the pumpkins are growing, vs how they look at the shop with their stems cut and all the muck washed clean. Did you know the tradition of carving jack-o-lanterns originates in Ireland? Of course, pumpkins aren't native here, so they carved turnips back in the day!
pumpkins-2 pumpkins-18-side
pumpkins-17 pumpkins-10 pumpkins-5 pumpkins-24-side pumpkins-9 pumpkins-32 pumpkins-31 pumpkins-37 pumpkins-40


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