Lost in the Details

Photography has made me a detail-orientated person. Some people find that the pressure of taking pictures often (especially for social media) removes them from the moment and distracts them from what's actually unfolding in front of them. And while I can still be guilty of staring at my phone for too long some days, ultimately I feel that photography overall (on my camera predominantly, but my phone too) has made me better appreciate the world around me. I identified several new-to-m-e species of butterflies in my region this summer merely because I love to film slow motion videos of butterflies on my phone. (And I don't know if you can truly appreciate the fairy-like quality of a brimstone butterfly unless you watch a video of it wafting around in slow motion.) This autumn I have discovered so many different mushrooms and admired countless dappled leaves; tiny details and moments I probably would have walked by in the past without a second glance. I've always loved autumn color, but I wouldn't spend so much time noticing and appreciating the details without the initial impetus to become a photographer. These days I'm often looking at the world through my figurative viewfinder even if my camera is at home. It's no wonder that this appreciation for details has spilled over into my style. I'm not likely to pack my wardrobe with statement pieces, but rather pull together outfits that feature many quiet pieces with lovely details; a beautifully knit fair isle cardigan, a skirt with tiny embroidered pockets, and delicate jewelry that perfectly echoes the natural world. The latest detail I'm fawning over is the last on that list; petite baby pine cones rendered in recycled gold or silver by Lee Renee. They mimic real pine cones so marvelously and I do love wearing delicate jewelry that reminds me of those lovely details in nature I so admire. It's the sum of these little details that adds up to a complete and lovely picture.
pinecones-46 pinecones-23-side
pinecones-12 pinecones-43 pinecones-50 pinecones-38-side pinecones-61 pinecones-19 pinecones-4 pinecones-52 pinecones-59


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