An Apple Orchard in Late Autumn

forthomas-2edit Have you ever seen an apple orchard in the late autumn before? It's quite a striking season. The apples are all harvested and the leaves start turning vibrant shades of yellow and rust and carpeting the ground like autumnal confetti. Usually the leaves by us seem to fall away before you can blink which is why we've never taken pictures in the orchards at this time of year before, but this year they are holding on a bit longer than usual and they're a perfect place to go for a wander with Solomon. Any place we get let him off to wander and run and explore seems like a good place to wander with Solomon and the orchards have the added bonus of looking like a golden autumnal fairytale and this time of year are wonderfully devoid of people as well (picking season is over and the pruning hasn't begun yet). While not the warmest outfit choice for a walk, I couldn't resist wearing my yellow linen dress and new grey apron I just received. These sorts of outfits remind me of Tasha Tudor and make me feel a step closer to owning my own little stretch of land away from it all and spending my days gardening and illustrating--even if I have little to no experience in either field...Still, I feel very at home these days in these sorts of classic outfits, especially with the whimsical additions of some owls from my favorite jewelry brand GoodAfterNine. They make every outfit a little more playful and as the necklace is also a whistle I can use it to get Solomon's attention when I'm worried he's wandering a bit too far!  yelloworchard-59 yelloworchard-12-side
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