Little Fox in the Autumn Woods

"No fruits, no flowers, no leaves, no birds, November!" Have you heard that saying before? It's from a Thomas Hood poem and while I'm sure it's apt in some regions (I have been seeing friends on social media share stories of snow!), around here I think it's far from true. November might be without its flowers and fruits, but it is not without its leaves; this month seems to be when the colors peak in my region. It can be a short peak if the rain and wind are strong (which they often are), but for a brief moment the woods look like a magical wonderland of gold and copper leaves. It's completely lush by me right now, so I keep being tempted outside in less than ideal temperatures and less than practical outfits. But who can resist dressing like a red fox in an autumn wood? I could have worn loads of fox items today, but I stuck to my cozy beret, favorite ring, and brand new fox handbag gifted to me from Crazy Popprop. This sleepy little fox is a perfect addition to my fox clothing collection; I love the shape of the purse and its sleepy little face. It's a quirky piece, but the brown tones also mean it'll work with simpler and less fox-themed outfits, like jeans and cozy sweater. foxpurse-40 foxpurse-41
foxpurse-22-side foxpurse-51 foxpurse-5 foxpurse-42


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