Remix: Why You Need a Cream Lace Blouse

remixmodcloth pinafore-41 I'm usually the opposite of prescriptive when people ask for fashion advice. I think it can actually be rather irritating when someone asks "what style staples do you recommend investing in" and instead of telling them a direct answer I mumble something vague about how staples can be different things to different people. Sorry, but I do feel that way. After all, I'm not convinced my staples of pinafore dresses, retro cardigans, and hair bows are going to work for everyone! However, there is one piece in my closet that has got so much wear over the years that I can't honestly recommend it enough and that is a simple layering blouse. For me the perfect layering blouse is this cream lace one from Miss Patina; I've had it for years so it's not in shops anymore but Miss Patina released a very similar style this year that I think is just as good. It's lightweight and a perfect layer with literally everything--peeking out from cozy knits, a simple neutral for a pinafore, a perfect polish for a circle skirt, etc etc. I've lost count of how many times I've worn it over the years, but I promise if you get one you'll find yourself wearing it loads too!


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