Style Crush: Charlotte Jacklin

72852432_2488757334547017_9025116678168227282_nI started following Charlotte Jacklin (who you might be familiar with if you loved Betty magazine) on Instagram a few years ago and her outfits are always a breath of fresh air in my feed. In an era of minimalism, anti-aesthetics, and monotone her style is unabashedly feminine, frilly, and bright. She's a champion of independent labels and vintage nightgowns as dresses. Her fashion staples include florals, pastels, ruffled cuffs, and delightfully decorative purses. It's been awhile since I've wanted to write a style crush about someone, partly because I don't read as many blogs as I used to and partly because I worry that fashion is becoming quite sanitized these days. But Charlotte is one blogger that I feel stays totally true to herself. She inspires me to wear more ditsy floral print, puffy sleeves, and headbands, but her feed also inspires me to be unapologetically myself and for that she will be forever a "style crush" of mine. Style at its best is personal, expressive, and fun and I think all of her outfits embrace that ethos.   70703214_547226849352994_6490613215377782780_n cj 62458679_144363176627050_6406821037531234728_n 53347727_307309899971131_4690397657553629250_n50221210_118486099233081_5771236099392453246_n
find more about Charlotte Jacklin via her Instagram or blog here


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