Five Pieces I Remixed This Winter

whitedressremix downhillbeach-33I've shared a few remixes already this winter talking about my favorite skirt to re-wear and why a classic cream blouse will always get worn, but if there's one piece that has really been a key item for me this year it's my Little Women Atelier dress in white. This was my first dress by Little Women Atelier; I got it back in June and it was instant love. I don't know if I've ever had a dress that just felt so right from the moment I put it on. Since then I've collected two other Little Women dresses and I know I'll continue getting more because they're such lovely pieces that feel amazing on, are ethically made, and suit my romantic aesthetic perfectly. White is one of my favorite colors to wear as it feels right in nearly every setting and season. 
Here's one of my other Little Women dresses, this is the same style as my white dress but in yellow with a slightly longer hem. It's a perfect autumn piece for me, but also works in winter with a few layers underneath. With a dress like this I can wear fleece-lined tights, wellie boots, heattech tops, and my trusty linen slip underneath with none-the-wiser making this outfit surprisingly warm even though it is a dress!
ginghamremicLinen dresses have become more of a staple for me in the past year. This gingham shirtdress is from Sondeflor and I got it last December (2018). I wore it briefly last winter then packed it away until this past autumn, it didn't "feel" like a spring or summer piece to me! I was so excited to bring it back out in October though and start wearing it again. Gingham like this always feels a bit "old world" and classic to me and paired with cozy mittens and a thick scarf it feels downright festive around Christmas! It's another dress that looks like a sweet and simple dress but I can layer loads underneath to stay cosy through the colder months.
pinnyremixdo4I only bought this pinafore dress in October, but I already love it so! Pinafore dresses are always a classic for me, although most of my pinafores have been more knee-length styles that feel a bit school uniform in vibe. This maxi version in a soft linen feels more traditional and I love the soft khaki color. I've worn it several times this winter and it's a piece I think can transition will in spring too. It's by Doen, one of my favorite ethical brands. I only have a few pieces by them as they are investment pieces, but that line is exactly everything I covet right now in fashion.
Emmy Design Sweden is another brand I love usually for their excellent knitwear but in 2018 I received their tweed suspender skirt and it's been one of my favorite pieces ever since. It's beautifully made with the loveliest embroidered details on the pockets and tweed is another fabric like linen that I just adore for it's timeless feeling. I always feel classic in tweed clothing, although it's hard to find tweed clothes for women these days! I wore this skirt a few times in 2018 and then loads more this past autumn as well. The green version I have is sold out, but Emmy Design still has this size available in their store in coffee and grey. This is a big difference between fast fashion brands and ethical slow fashion brands; fast fashion brands will literally trash and burn clothes that don't sell rather than keep them listed, because if they remain listed in their shop for months or years there's less urgency on the customer to buy more and buy newer pieces. Slow fashion brands want to create clothes you'll love for years, so they don't remove them from their shop if there's still pieces available. They can still sell out of pieces, but they don't create false urgency and they don't trash clothes!


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