Exploring the Mourne Mountain Range in Winter

plaidsnow-8We had a brief dusting of snow in our region this week. Most of the snow by us had melted by the afternoon, but in the distance we could see it lingering in the mountains and when the opportunity presented itself we headed for the hills to experience that white-capped beauty. I always love visiting the Mourne Mountain range with its winding footpaths, green fields dotted with sheep, and old stone walls, but I'd never seen them covered in snow like this before and it made every scene more majestic, more striking. plaidsnow-28 plaidsnow-14
Aran Isles knit hat, coin necklace, Family Affairs "Scotland" dress (on sale!), old boots
plaidsnow-24 plaidsnow-27-sideSnow is such a small thing, but it can be so lovely and it always makes my heart soar when I see a familiar scene blanketed by white--I think of how Sylvia Plath wrote in her journals, "Well, I know now. I know a little more how much a simple thing like a snowfall can mean to a person." Sometimes we look for meaning in the grand gestures or dramatic moments and sometimes we miss the beauty of small moments or fail to truly appreciate the little things. Sometimes it's something terribly small and delicate that can change everything. Our snow was lovely while it lasted, creating a fairytale-like scene in these ancient hills and filling me with delight. plaidsnow-3I dressed with the old stone walls in mind in an outfit I felt had a clannish-vibe with the classic plaid and my favorite handknit hat from the Aran Isles. The dress is a new favorite from an old favorite, Family Affairs. Family Affairs has been one of my favorite independent brands for so many years now. The designers are a mother-daughter team (hence the name) who make small, thoughtful collections each season, all fair-trade and ethically produced. I've loved Family Affairs since my university days and I love that it's a brand I can continue to grow with and support because they are ethically producing their clothes. I'm by no means a perfect shopper, but when I think of the kind of impact I want to leave in this world shopping ethically comes more and more into focus. Family Affair's latest autumn/winter collection is cozy perfection with a tea time inspired sweater of a quirky kettle and mug, french breakfast shirt featuring Nina's original doodles, and this plaid dress I immediately honed in on. I've really loved longer length dresses this winter because they're perfect for hiding your coziest layers (fleece-lined tights! heattech camisoles! wellie boots!) underneath while still looking elegant. I love the colors of this plaid as well, it reminds me of traditional tartans and woolen blankets and pairs perfectly with vintage-inspired knit wear. It's hard to imagine a more perfect fitting dress for this sort of wintry scene that feels lost to time.
P.S. Use my code "thescotlanddress" for an extra 20% off this dress in addition to its sale price!plaidsnow-33 plaidsnow-31 plaidsnow-13-side plaidsnow-23"We all want quiet. We all want beauty...We all need space. Unless we have it, we cannot reach the sense of quiet, in which, whispers of better things come to us gently." Octavia Hill plaidsnow-6 plaidsnow-15
Aran Isles knit hat, coin necklace, Family Affairs "Scotland" dress (on sale!), old boots
**pictures edited with Snug from my Cozy Pack of 12 presets**


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