My First Prints & The Language of Flowers

postcards-4After taking photographs for more than a decade I have finally made my first ever prints! I'm starting small as physical product is new to me and I wanted to keep the price point accessible to all, so my first product is a small collection of flower postcards/miniature prints. Postcards are a great way to share my art with you but in a small, approachable way so I'm very excited to start with these. I'll be adding larger prints to my shop. I was also interested in adding flower prints to my shop because who isn't in the mood for spring right now? Today I thought I'd break down the meaning of each flower in the old Victorian language of flowers. First up above you see a scene of woodland bluebells. In some regions bluebells were also called harebells (I've heard a number of locals here call them that) because some local legends said that witches would turn themselves into hares and hide among the flowers! In the language of flowers bluebells most commonly symbolize humility and constancy. bloom-12This print features the delicate and fleeting apple blossoms as well as few scattered dandelions. Apple blossoms symbolize good fortune or within a mixed bouquet preference for a loved one above others. Dandelions often are considered to be a symbol of joy and faithfulness. bloom-7In the Victorian language of flowers a shorter sunflower would be seen to symbolize adoration while a tall sunflower within a bouquet could mean haughtiness! So much of the language of flowers depends on what book you read and even the Victorians did not have one ultimate encyclopedia of flower meanings, but it is interesting to try to analyze a bouquet or image like this through the lens of the language of flowers. What would the combination of sunflower heights in this image indicate?! postcard-4The hawthorn blossom is one of my absolute favorites. These trees grow wild in nearly every hedgerow in my region and bloom with delicate white and pink-tinged flowers. Hawthorns are said to be fairy trees so I find them exceedingly magical. Perhaps because of the fairy tree legends hawthorn flowers symbolize protection. bloom-11Rhododendrons are not my favorite flower but it's hard not to admire when they bloom so early and long throughout spring and summer here and grow to inconceivable heights! I heard see a rhododendron bush that is not taller than my head by several feet. In the language of flowers rhododendrons mean "danger" or "beware!" bloom-13Sweet-smelling lilacs symbolize the "joy of youth." You can buy my postcards individually for £2 each or as a set of 6 for £10. All are available in my shop here.


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