Beach Day with my Irish Wolfhound

I recently started an Instagram account for my dog because yes, I am that crazy dog lady! I call him Sir Solomon on Instagram; "friend of kings, slayer of wolves" is his tagline and to stay on theme I've been using a number of (slightly modified) clan mottos as his captions. I mean why not act like my dog is an ancient warrior on Instagram? One needs their random hobbies. One of the most appropriate mottos I've found for Solomon has to be "hound of the sea," because if there's anything Solomon loves--it is a beach day.  joanie-28 joanie-33Solomon's love of the beach and a few new nautical-themed pieces of clothing from Joanie were the only excuses I needed to seek the shore. I wouldn't normally spend so much time by the ocean this early in the year (we also ventured up to the North Coast for my birthday) because the beach isn't so pleasant in winter, but having a dog that enjoys the ocean changed my perspective on it. It's fun now in every season because of how much fun he has zipping through the sand and running from waves. Thankfully as I live on an island, the seashore is never too far away and our miserable weather cleared for a brief day of sunshine that actually felt like spring making it one of those days that will linger as gold-tinted in our memories. joanie-39
joanie-2-side joanie-10 joanie-11One of my favorite things about this beach is that can see the Mourne Mountains in the distance. How many beaches do you get to visit that lie in the shadow of majestic mountains? joanie-26-side joanie-16 joanie-12


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