Style Crush: Noortje Laan

nj6 nj7 njco nj8 nj11 nj4 nj nj3How lovely is Noortje.laan? These days I gravitate as much towards quiet and uplifting accounts as I do ones with unique personal style. Noortje's account combines both quite beautifully. She just seems like such a gentle soul with an appreciation for history and handmade art. Her style is classic without being staid; she dabbles in different periods of fashion history and somehow looks natural and at ease in every style. She also creates the most charming needle felt animals, like the little ballerina pig above. I really enjoy her nostalgic photographs and the serenity she brings to my Instagram feed whenever one of her new posts pops up. The colors and editing of her photography often make me feel as if I'm looking at a true vintage photograph. For more of her style, follow her on Instagram.


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