Book Review: Snow & Rose

"Snow and Rose didn't know they were living in a fairy tale...people never do." Are you familiar with the story of Snow White and Rose Red? It's an old German fairytale that dates back to the 1700s, but one that is often overshadowed by Disney's version of a different Snow White because of the similar titles. The fairytale shares no connection to Disney's Snow White however; this Snow has fair hair and lives with her dark haired sister Red and their widowed mother in the woods. White is more reclusive and shy while Red is more outspoken and bold and they meet a friendly bear and a strange dwarf. I've always liked this fairytale so when I saw that Emily Winfield Martin had done a modern re-telling of the story, titled Snow & Rose, complete with jaw-droppingly gorgeous illustrations I knew I needed to get my hands on that book! I've always been a fan of her paintings and illustrations; her style is nostalgic and atmospheric and seem perfectly suited for a fairytale. So, I'm not sure that this version of the story adds to the original fairytale, but for the illustrations alone I'm so glad to have this book on my shelf bringing me inspiration. It is absolutely stunning and I might want to copy every outfit within the pages. The end of the book also features a few sketchbook/concept pages. If you're looking for a beautiful fairytale book and light read, definitely consider hunting down a copy of Snow & Rose. snowrose-4 snowrose-5 snowrose-6 snowrose-2 snowrose snowrose-8


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