My First Print Sale

group My first larger format prints are available in my shop! I only ordered 20 of each photograph due to the higher cost of printing and I'm not sure when or if I will re-print these so they might end up being a limited edition item! They are 8"x12" prints and are £40 each. The are matte prints on Fujicolor Crystal Archive DPII professional photographic paper with 5mm white border. They're printed locally in the UK and hand-corrected and checked for color and printing flaws (most printing companies will do machine auto corrections, but the place I printed through does everything by person/with a human touch). I also sampled each print in various sizes and border options to check the color and quality before I placed the order for the shop. Each print will be lovingly and carefully hand-packed for shipping with a protective sleeve and cardboard backing to prevent damage in transit. If you're nervous about shipping right now and would like to purchase a print, just message me after you order and I will hold your print until you are ready for it to be shipped.
PK1c-1 2 For this small collection of photographs I chose three of my favorites around a folklore theme. These photographs always fill me with a sense of wonder and magic. They remind me of old Irish legends and fairytales from the ancient standing stones to wild kelpies and classic orchards. Each is richly hued and captures a tiny bit of the magic that is Ireland. If the cost of a print intimidates you, then check out my postcard collection--they're designed to be mini prints and are only £2 each or £10 for a pack of six. Click here to shop my prints.


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