Flowers, Foraging, and Fairies

If you're not a patron you're missing out on so many exclusive posts I've shared there recently. If you're not sure what I mean by patron, in brief: I have a Patreon account where I share exclusive posts. For as little as $2 you can become a patron, support my creative work, and access these posts. This month I wrote an in-depth post explaining why escapism is essential and tracing it back to how it has been used throughout the years from ancients to Tolkien's own brand of creative escapism. I also did a post on another amazing fairy artist from the early 1900s and talked briefly about the rise of mysticism in that era. There's also a post on the plant above (hint: it's something you can forage and eat in summer!), as well as behind-the-scenes pictures and stories from the blog posts I've shared here. And I started creating video content and have shared four videos on Patreon, including a long walk around my local park explaining many areas of interest from an ancient crannog to a hermitage that dates back to the 1800s and some tips on recognizing and foraging for wild garlic. I get so many questions about where I live, so I'm very excited about that video and hope you'll enjoy getting a bit of background on my home. I've already got more videos in the works, both in ideas and the "to edit" pile so I'm excited to be sharing more video content on Patreon soon!collageEvery patron makes it possible for me to continue to shoot and share content, so I would love if you would join me on that platform. You'll get access to over 40 exclusive posts as well as monthly wallpaper downloads; this month's theme was April Showers and it's a large collection of green and grey photographs taken on a misty morning after rain. If you are an upper tier patron you get access to polls to help choose the wallpaper theme for each month as well as more exclusive content, like a spring "word in the wild" made with your favorite word! I'm so close to my first goal of 200 patrons and it would mean the world to me if you would be go become a patron today.


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