Why I Can't Stop Wearing Linen Dresses

A few years ago I hardly owned any linen, but now linen is what I look for first when acquiring a new dress. I still own and wear clothes in other fabrics, but linen has completely won me over for a myriad of reasons. To begin with, linen wears beautifully--it has a nice weight to it so it tends to be very flattering and holds a beautiful shape, it's no wonder you see it used in so many classic styles with full skirts and puffed sleeves. It's also lovely to wear; being a natural fiber it breathes, air can move easily through it so it keeps you cooler in summer and it dries quickly. The latter feature is quite good for perspiration or wet doggy noses, which I have quite a bit of personal experience. Synthetic fabrics (which is what we find in most fast-fashion brands) don't breathe, it is any wonder you get overheated or uncomfortable in a dress that is made of a plastic blend? Beyond the experience of actually wearing linen it's also one of the most eco-friendly fabrics out there. Made of flax it usually requires no more than rainwater to flourish, doesn't need as many pesticides as cotton, and it can be processed without the use of chemicals. So linen is basically comfortable, beautiful looking, and better for the environment. Is it any wonder that I'm in love with it? And who can resist when it's whipped up in a classic collared dress in delicate pink by Son de florsondeflor-13 sondeflor-41
One of these days I'll compile a list of all my favorite linen brands, but today it's all about Son de flor, which is fitting since it's one of the first linen brands I fell in love with. I think I got my first Son de flor dress around three or four years ago. Back then the linen dress was a departure from my daily style; it was long and simple and stood out from the more colorful and quirky pieces I wore. I remember liking the dress but also wondering if it was too simple, if it needed something a bit more...but then we went for a walk at springtime and I started to learn how to identify different plants in the woods and there the dress just made sense. And now that's how I feel when I wear linen: at harmony with nature, able to go out and forage or walk my dog, or just about anything outdoorsy. In autumn and winter I can wear longer dresses and layer underneath and when the spring sunshine emerges again it feels right to be in a soft colored mini dress admiring the cherry blossoms.sondeflor-49 sondeflor-44 sondeflor-22-side
When I first discovered Son de flor I think all of their dresses and skirts were quite long. As a petite person ankle-grazing lengths used to be intimidating to me. I worried I'd look short or dowdy in them and even if I looked neither, I tended to be self-conscious. These days I love a longer length dress, I've learned more about what proportions work on my body type and figured out what styles I am comfortable in. Even so I still like a shorter dress, so I was excited to see that Son de flor has started offering their classic dress in a shorter length. This spring the classic short dress is available in petal rose, mint tea, and sky blue. It's a good option for fellow petites and maxi-fearing persons! Short or long I really appreciate how truly classic Son de flor's "classic" dress is. It's a style that won't go out of style and feels fitting for a myriad of settings, which is another important part of ethical fashion and sustainability. It's not just about clothes being made ethically and of environmentally friendly materials (although that is a brilliant start!) but it's also buying less and wearing everything we have more. When brands release large collections of trend-driven pieces they're encouraging us to buy pieces we'll only wear a handful of times, but when brands focus on smaller collections with garments that don't disappear after a few months we're encouraged to shop slower, wear longer. sondeflor-33 sondeflor-53 sondeflor-12-side sondeflor-2 sondeflor-45



  1. Love that lovely pink dress.I also wear linen in the summer because I live in the Southern United States. It is cool and makes sense. I don't mind wrinkles! I buy Flax, Bryn Walker which offers light and heavy linen.Thank you for your inspiring blog, Rebecca. PS I also have red hair,as does every female in my family!💌

  2. No wonder as you look perfect in them!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  3. I've started purchasing more linen dresses as well. Do you have any linen fabric care tips, I love the look but not the wrinkles.

    1. I do think part of loving linen means you have to embrace the wrinkles a bit lol! Even when I get the wrinkles out it seems like they wrinkle the second I sit down. But I will say washing them in cold water or letting them soak in cold water to clean them and then only gently/tumbling them partially dry without heat and then hanging them to dry the rest of the way works wonders for me. When I mostly air dry the water kind of pulls the dress into a nice, stiff shape while drying and there's no wrinkles to iron away and I feel they hold the shape better and longer then.

  4. If your linen creases whilst in a cupboard, as my summer shirts tend to, hang them in a bathroom with a skirt hanger clipped to the bottom the combination of steam and the weight of the hanger pulls out the creases nicely. Of course with my children home for covid, the bathroom tends to be much steamier than usual.
    I love your blog, I found it by chance as I saved one of your photos, of you reading to a Pinterest page. You should write for 'Oh' magazine. (Formerly'Oh Comely')


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