Style Crush: Elsa Billgren

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I recently wrote a post on Patreon about how my style has changed over the years, which among other things involved digging into my archives for "ancient" pictures of me. It was funny seeing my pixie cut again, my teal hair phase, all the heels I used to wear, and my old haunts. Looking into the archives I also stumbled across some of my old inspiration posts and interviews I used to do with other bloggers. I started looking up those old blogs and was sad, but not surprised to see most were defunct. I mean, if they hadn't disappeared I would probably still be reading them! Many of the bloggers I loved then I still love today even if their style or lives have changed drastically. One such blogger is Elsa Billgren. She's a Swedish blogger so I mostly follow her for the visuals as I doubt the accuracy of Google Translate on her posts! Back when I first blogged about her style in 2014 she wore mostly vintage in bright colors and mixed patterns with aplomb. Her style has shifted slightly since then, I still think she wears a lot of vintage but the palette is more simple and natural. The silhouettes are more relaxed, even her curls have softened. These days I love the peeks into her home and lifestyle nearly as much as her fashion sense. Look at that beautiful armoire and that gilt-trimmed antique mirror!


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