My Autumn Staples

IMG_3273If there's two things I'd call staples in my autumn wardrobe it would be: pinafores and foxy things. If I added a third non-clothing item it would also be pumpkins! I love when my house is overflowing with pumpkins. But when it comes to clothing I'm pretty addicted to pinafores and all the fox-themed pieces, so I was very excited to see this new dress from Nour & the Merchant which combines my two loves! Pinafores are great because you can wear them so many ways and layer them too; I'll even wear a pinafore dress layered on top of a dress for extra coziness and an apron-like look. And who doesn't like foxes?! This pinafore really couldn't be more my style since it is such a classic pinafore and features the sweetest sleeping fox embroidery. I'm even in love with the length and little ruffle details. I like it so much I'm tempted to get the green version too...but I'm trying to resist! As soon as this dress arrived in the mail I threw it on and headed straight to my local pumpkin patch. It hasn't opened yet to the public but we're friends with the farmer and he allowed us a good wander around at sunset. I'm a day early for October, but I'm definitely ready for spooky season...  pumpking-10-side pumpking-34

Nour & the Merchant "Bailey" pinafore (also comes in dark green), old blouse & flats
pumpking-36A bit more about the brand: Nour and the Merchant is an ethical fashion brand with a focus on slow fashion, sustainable materials, and donates a percentage of every sale to non-profit organizations that support survivors of war. This season's collection is truly slow fashion; each piece is made when you order to ensure there is no over-production of dresses or waste of materials. This also means you can get things custom made to your measurements when you order for a perfect fit. It also means you should buy something you love now before the design is retired because there's a limit to how much material is available for each piece. Another reason I really love this brand is how the designer, Cristina, is inspired by fairytales. So often when I used to think of ethical fashion I thought of minimal, functional designs that didn't really inspire me, but I'm learning each year that there are ethical and whimsical clothes to be found. Nour & the Merchant is a perfect example of that with her beautiful autumn collection of capes fit for elves, stylish pinafores, and quirky printed pieces. Everything fit for your autumnal adventures! pumpking-4 pumpking-15 pumpking-17-side pumpking-13 pumpkins-12 pumpking-9 pumpking-6
Nour & the Merchant "Bailey" pinafore (also comes in dark green), old blouse & flats


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