Autumn Gold

cornfield-5Autumn is in full swing in our region. Nearly all the apples are picked on my in-laws' farm, the Victoria plum season has passed, although a few wild berries and damsons can still be found growing in the hedges. Every evening the village is filled with the smell of smoke from the peat fires burning in my neighbors' hearths and the jackdaws are gathering en masse along the spindly trees around the lake. Some evenings it's quite spooky to listen to them cawing as the sun goes down and a mist rises off the water. Even the corn fields by us have gone golden; I usually only photograph or see them green before they're harvested but this season they've turned a proper autumnal gold. cornfield-8 cornfield-18

cornfield-30-side cornfield-37I've transitioned by wardrobe from summer to autumn now; packing away some of my seasonal dresses and bringing out others I haven't seen for several months. Things always seem to go missing in the transition. There's still a few sweaters I haven't been able to locate but in contrast I unearthed a scarf and hat I hunted for all last winter and couldn't find at all! Perhaps those sweaters won't be located for a whole year but I know they're hiding somewhere in this house. It's funny how much a tiny house can hide when you try to tuck things away for a few months and forget where you've placed it! This dress is one piece I didn't really wear much in the summer but I've started wearing again now that it is autumn. Linen is perfect as a summer fabric because it breathes but I also love my long linen dresses in autumn and winter because I can hide layers underneath them. I'll wear heat-tech leggings, the coziest socks, fitted thermals, and cotton petticoats underneath my dresses, and you'll never see anything but a bit of extra volume in the skirt!cornfield-12 cornfield-19-side cornfield-32 cornfield-3


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