An Autumn Hare


There's an old poem that goes something like, "no fruits, no leaves, no birds--November!" While I quite like that turn of phrase I've never found it to be accurate for Ireland. The berries are scarce, but the birds are gathering en masse every evening and the leaves are hitting their peak. The countryside is a blaze of yellows and oranges and rusty reds and I have been dressing to match the trees! I love autumnal colors and animal prints, so I am in love with Nour and the Merchant's Willow dress. I'm wearing the bunny print, or as I like to think of it "the autumn hare" (there's also a fox and wolf print in the shop) and I love the flow of this dress and contrasting stripes of teal. I also appreciate how much Nour and the Merchant thinks about sustainability when producing their clothes; even this fabric was developed by digitally printing on organic cotton to reduce water pollution. All of their slow fashion clothes are made to order which means they are cut, sewn, and packed by hand at their atelier in Italy and production can take 6 weeks. So if you order anything from the slow fashion collection it won’t be ready until after Christmas, however you can still buy a gift or jewelry from their shop instead and still get that in time for the holidays. And Nour & the Merchant is dropping a winter capsule collection and will only be taking 10-15 orders of that collection which will be made and shipped in time for Christmas! I've been eyeing their holiday capsule teasers on Instagram and have a few pieces on my wishlist I'd love to get for Christmas. This year more than ever I'm trying to be mindful and support independent and small businesses for the holidays; they need our support more than ever.nour-34 nour-8-side nour-9Several years ago I would have been intimidated by such a long dress; I used to think longer dress would make petite people like myself look short or small but now I love wearing long dresses! If you look at almost all of my recent posts and outfits, I'm almost always wearing a longer dress. It's wild to be how much my style has changed and how much my confidence has grown in styles that would have frightened me before. Long dresses are especially brilliant for layering in autumn and winter--I can wear wellie boots underneath and hardly anyone will know--and they don't make me look short at all! I find the "trick" to wearing longer dresses is to define the natural waistline and wear them with confidence; the less you think or worry about how you look in them the less anyone else will too! nour-47 nour-40-side nour-23 nour-21 nour-7nour-34
*pictures edited with Candle from my Cozy Preset Pack*


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