The Blackberry Thief


I like bringing bits of nature home with me, broken robin egg shells, funny little sticks with moss growing on them that look like wands, silver dollar plants, and even handfuls of golden wheat collected from the field after the farmer has reaped his harvest. When I can I do a wee bit of foraging as well, blackberries in autumn, wild garlic in the spring, only the very easily recognizable and safe plants as I'm far from an expert. I think this is part of the reason I love Bill Skinner's jewelry so much though; he captures nature in his jewelry and lets you carry your favorite bits of the wild everywhere. With this collection I'll be able to wear blackberries long after the season has passed and befriend a wee field mouse even though I only rarely see those in the wild as they are so small and swift! I like to think of this collection has the "blackberry thief" a name inspired by William Morris's famous print the "strawberry thief." Morris was also inspired by nature, he made his classic print back in 1883 featuring a thrush stealing strawberries from his garden. Over a hundred years later that print is still a favorite for many, I think because nature is timeless and a constant source of inspiration and even humor--like the scene of wild animals running away with berries. I think in a hundred years this wee blackberry thief will also be as timeless and sweet as it is today. If you're also enamored with this collection head over to my Instagram later today as I'm hosting a wee giveaway with Bill Skinner!  bb-11 bb-13 bb-9
bb-18 bb-17-side bb-2I learned the funniest old legend that you shouldn't eat wild berries or nuts after October because later in the year the fairies will have marked the fruit and they will be unsafe to eat. Luckily, I picked these blackberries just before the end of October, so they were safe enough! From the fairies anyway, the field mice might still be stealing a few fruits from the bramble, as this sweet collection of jewelry by Bill Skinner depicts. I've seen a few field mice on my walks the fields and woods around my home. They're so small and shy they're quite hard to spot, but I think they're cute. I love all of Bill Skinner's designs, but this collection is definitely a favorite because of the cute mice and the perfect berries. The brooch is perfect for adding a bit of personality to coats and cardigans, but I also love wearing brooches on my bows. bb-10-side bb-6 bb-4


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