Remix: The Perfect Suspender Skirt

remixWhen I shared some stories in this skirt on Instagram recently I got so many questions about it I figured it was time to do a remix, because if you read this blog regularly--you have seen this skirt before! I got this skirt a few years ago from Emmy Design Sweden and it's still a favorite in my closet. The heavy wool/tweed makes it a perfect autumn and winter skirt (it's not very practical in warmer months) as it does feel quite warm. The suspender straps are detachable as well, so I can wear it more simply as a high waisted skirt too...but I pretty much always wear it with the straps! This style is sold out since it's several years old, but Emmy Design still has many other beautiful skirts and their new autumn collection is gorgeous, so if you love this piece take a look at the rest of their shop.


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