My Dream Dress

punkin-33Autumn has faded in my corner of the world. There's barely any leaves on the trees anymore and the days grow ever shorter and colder. This season of copper trees lingers on a wee bit longer through my photographs though as I captured several serene corners and scenes around my park that I haven't had a chance to edit or share yet. Autumn will also continue to linger on through most of winter in my wardrobe since I love wearing mustard yellows and burnt oranges. A perfect collision of my favorite things: autumn, linen, pumpkins, and tiny details has to be this absolute dream dress by Pinja Heikkinen. We don't often think of clothes as art, especially not dresses outside of haute couture, but I do feel like Pinja is an artist whose medium is needle and thread. She makes beautiful classic dresses all finished with handsewn embroidery. There's a few pieces in stock in her shop and a few braided crowns remaining from her last collection, but she also takes custom work like my dream pumpkin dress! We sent a few ideas back and forth, she sketched it out and worked her magic and viola! the dream autumn dress I'll treasure forever. You can see more of custom work when you follow her on Instagram and each creation is a delight. If you love her work keep an eye on her socials and her shop because she has a collection of braided crowns--handmade with linen and finished in different winter-themed embroidery that will be released on December first. Most of her crown designs sell out quickly, so be on your toes if you want to snag one!

punkin-14 punkin-25 punkin-3-side
custom dress & crown by Pinya Heikkinen, Caboclo Brasil flats
punkin-9 punkin-15When I was younger my dream dress would have looked very differently. I wasn't in love with linen or embroidery then nor did I aim for a quiet lifestyle. When I was little I think my dream dress would have been dramatic--layers of tulle and sparkles, something big and flashy. When I first started buying vintage back in college I always fell in love with 1950s prom and wedding dresses; I bought a number that now hang as display in a small area of my house. They're beautiful but not very practical. I never have an occasion to wear them and when I do wear them I don't feel myself in them; I'm not an occasion dress kind of girl. I'm a stay at home, walk the dog in the park, and try to identify different leaves kind of girl. When I was younger I probably would have thought that wasn't very special...but I think it is special in its own, quieter way. Just the way this dress is incredibly dreamy and special even if it's not covered in sparkles. The linen feels like a second skin, it's a silhouette and style I can wear every day and the embroidery is so lovely, a wonderful combination of nature and whimsy--and it was made by an incredible artist who is just starting to grow her business and deserves all the support in the world because her work is so beautiful. punkin-35 punkin-11-side punkin-16“After all," Anne had said to Marilla once, "I believe the nicest and sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens but just those that bring simple little pleasures, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string.” L.M. Montgomery punkin-24 punkin
custom dress & crown by Pinya Heikkinen, Caboclo Brasil flats


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