Styling Two Spring Princess Highway Dresses for Autumn

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One of my favorite brands that really nails classic, cottagecore style dresses and always has the sweetest prints is Princess Highway. Since the brand is based in Australia their seasons are the opposite of ours, as we head towards the end of autumn and beginning of winter, their shop is dropping late spring and summer styles to suit the shifting seasons. This means I often end up getting pieces slightly out of season from Princess Highway, but as I still love their clothes even out of season I love to find a way to wear them immediately! So when I received these two dresses recently it was fun trying ways to mix them into more autumnal outfits. For my first dress I decided to pair it with an apron dress for an added layer and that princess-in-waiting vibes. This really reminds me of what princesses wear in the start of a fairytale when the still work in the kitchens or on the farm; I like that more natural style than the giant sparkly dresses that come later in the story. A perfect look for a visit to the apple orchards foraging for a few late apples. I love how the orchards turn yellow in November; it's a very brief splash of color before the trees lose all their leaves. phorchard-35-side
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While I don't often wear floral prints in autumn, the Agnes dress seems particularly suited for this time of year with its rust-colored flowers and olive green stems. It was very easy to find the right knits and autumnal accessories to pair with this dress. The shape and length of the dress gave me a bit of a 1930s vibe so I decided to play up that feeling with a cropped cardigan, tilted beret, and braided updo. One thing I keep meaning to do more of this year is play with my hair and try to learn some new hairstyles. There's a lot of vintage-inspired styles that are so great to wear with berets, so that's one of my first styles to focus on. ph1 ph-side
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