A Cottagecore Christmas List

ccchristmasI’m not one for gift guides generally. Most of my friends and family have specific things they want or need, or I’ll buy things for them throughout the year that I know they’ll like. But I do find a lot of cute things I like and don’t always have an excuse to share, so I thought I’d do a cottagecore inspired gift guide with some of things I wouldn’t mind finding under the tree this year or would make a perfect gift for the cottagecore loving person in your life! Mostly thought this is an excuse to share a lot of cute accessories and kits I like and can’t justify buying right now…131443491_1002572750225616_2642412826622439948_n

Cozy Accessories: when shopping for friends and family it can be tricky getting sizes right, but accessories tend to fit most and there’s a lot of cute cottagecore accessories that are perfect for staying cozy through winter. Handknit mittens, pixie hats, sledding scarves, and aprons all make perfect gifts.  127189319_370698110851558_4544072730153465135_n

Cottagecore books: Books are a lovely way to make the dark months of winter pass a bit quicker and there’s a number of perfect titles for those who enjoy cottagecore as well. I highly recommend “The Private World of Tasha Tudor,” Anne of Green Gables (or anything by LM Montgomery!), and Little Women. Bonus: so many classic books have been printed for years, so don’t feel the pressure to buy a brand new copy—look for secondhand finds! Don't feel you have to buy classics if they don't appeal, I like what makes a book a cottagecore one is one that is grounded in the natural world.
DIY kits and bits: So much about cottagecore is about slowing down and appreciating the little things, so DIY embroidery kits are perfect for the budding crafter. Even other bits like dried flowers so they can make their own wreaths and flower crowns are a unique and thoughtful gift.


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