Nour and the Merchant Yuletide Giveaway

nour-3One of my favorite new brands that I just discovered this year has to be Nour and the Merchant. They're a slow fashion brand based out of Italy that is inspired by pretty much a perfect fit for my style! Each piece is thoughtfully designed and produced, walking the line between fantasy and reality. I like to think of them as "book heroine clothes" or things the main character in a fantasy novel might wear. For the holidays there are lovely silk velvet pieces (like the Yule dress I'm wearing), but also cozy capes in thick wool and classic pinafores suited for day-to-day wear. This is one brand that reminds me again and again that ethical fashion can still be fun and playful. The sorts of clothes you can throw on to wander around a nearby castle...I mean I'm not dressing up for any holiday parties this year, but I still enjoy a touch of velvet and gold. 

nour nour-9
Nour & the Merchant Yule dress (also comes in green), vintage boots
nour-5-side nour-4This is one of more adventurous photoshoots. We started at sunset at a nearby castle and then continued shooting into the night with a mirror and dozens of candles lighting up the night. This castle is actually nestled in the middle of a town; there's houses directly across the street and beside the castle so I was a wee bit surprised no one came over to ask what we were doing! But we tried to be quiet and keep the castle as tidy as we found it. Shooting outside in December is always a challenge, but I feel like as it gets harder to shoot in the cold and shorter days I also like to try to be more creative. I find myself experimenting more and coming up with new concepts to keep things interesting. Candlelight also makes winter scenes so much more magical--adding a touch of light to foggy mornings or lighting up the crannies of an old castle.  nour-2 nour-19-side
Nour & the Merchant Yule dress (also comes in green), vintage boots
nour-16Today I'm partnering with Nour and the Merchant to give away one of their lovely dresses! Go to my Instagram for the full giveaway details and to enter. The winner will be allowed to pick their favorite dress from the current stock in the shop and there's so many lovely options! nour-15 nour-14 nour-17
Nour & the Merchant Yule dress (also comes in green), vintage boots


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