A Snowy Cottagecore Outfit

ghSnowdrops have started to peek up in our garden which has made me hopeful for spring being around the corner, but winter doesn't seem quite ready to let go. No sooner had our own wee snowdrops bloomed than we had another day of bitter cold and snow! Thankfully the snowdrops are a very hardy flower despite how delicate they look, as soon as this melts away they'll be blooming again in the half-frozen dirt. I feel as if I have already started to inch my style towards spring as well as I've started wearing bright colors again. In winter I don't crave a lot of bright colors but tend to just want to wear my coziest pieces, but as soon as the sun starts to shine a bit and the days get longer I start pulling out my most cheerful dresses and running outside with optimistically bare legs! It's inevitably too cold for bare legs, but I like to dream of spring temperatures once February starts to come to an end... gh-4-sideHow cute is this little cottage necklace? It's by Lucy Stopes-Roe who handsculpts all her little charms and this one is especially sweet as she's donating 50% of the proceeds from the sales to charity Shelter which helps with homelessness. Such a good cause and I think the necklace is perfect for all my fellow cottagecore loving folk. I mean what better way to express your love for cottagecore than wearing a literal cottage charm?! It really does look like a sweet little cottage; the charm is detailed on all sides with a clear front and back and even the roof is perfectly tiled. It's exactly the sort of cottage I would love to own in one day; something not too big but slightly larger than my current tiny house and with a beautiful garden. I don't have much of a green thumb but I'd love to learn more about gardening one of these days!  gh-5

wearing linen pinafore, Aran mittens, Lucy Stopes-Roe cottage necklace (50% of the proceeds from the sales of this necklace will go to Shelter charity)


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