The First Blush of Spring

pinkdress-13Spring is slowly starting to emerge in our region...and I do mean slowly. Despite the beautiful display of this rhododendron bush most of the countryside is still a bit brown and grey. Still primroses and snowdrops have emerged, more plants are unfurling their leaves, and daylight lingers a bit longer with each passing day. I haven't retired my winter coats and mittens yet as it is still brisk, but I have started to wear more spring colors and some of my more bright coats. When it's grey and bitterly cold I don't always feel drawn to bright clothing, but on a sunny day with the birds singing it feels right to throw on a blush pink dress even if you're still wearing a few thermal layers and wellies underneath! This dress feels like the perfect transition between the seasons with it's faded rose shade and long sleeves; the color hints at spring while the cut and style means I'm not completely freezing on an early March day. It's from a lovely slow fashion dress brand based out of Italy. Bedra Vintage is inspired by timeless, romantic styles and each dress is custom made when you order out of environmentally friendly fabrics. It's really lovely to find a romantic dress brand with a conscious. I'm wearing the Emma dress which has really lovely details; a big flat collar, trios of buttons, removable sash, pockets (!) and great twirl-ability! Another lovely dress from Bedra Vintage that I wouldn't mind for summer is the Aria. It is such a sweet and slightly more modern feeling design with the tie-bodice and delicate ditsy floral. I love that Bedra Vintage's dresses do run the gamut from the more simple with subtle details designs like the linen dress I'm wearing to the more romantic statement designs like the Aria dress. If you also like their romantic designs use my code REBECCA for 10% off whatever catches your fancy at Bedra Vintage. pinkdress-4 pinkdress-14-side

Emma dress by Bedra Vintage, use my code REBECCA for 10% off
pinkdress-17 pinkdress-11I took these pictures later in the day so my dress is a bit wrinkly as linen is prone to wrinkle (I do iron my dresses I promise!), but don't know, I kind of love that "lived in" look. Sometimes we worry about things looking perfect or saving our nice pieces for nice occasions so they don't get ruined...and yes, when I do wear my dresses all day long I am prone to get some mud on the hems (or higher when my dog jumps on me), at the end of the day I can be a bit wrinkly, but I don't know why we always look at marks of wear as a bad thing. When I see a well worn book with a faded cover, cracked spine, and annotations in the margins, I know I'm seeing a book that has been truly loved and appreciated. It has been read and re-read and shared amongst close friends. That's a book that is being used, that is serving its purpose; a book's purpose is not to sit on a shelf. Dresses similarly are made to be worn. Slow fashion ones are made to be worn for many years, but still they're meant to be worn. When you do wear your pieces often they may show signs of wear, but that's just proof a dress is being enjoyed. We don't need to be reckless with our possessions, but equally we don't need to be so precious with them. I don't want to fill my closet or my home with things that I can't or am too afraid to wear or use.  pinkdress-16-side pinkdress
Emma dress by Bedra Vintage, use my code REBECCA for 10% off
*pictures edited with my spring preset pack*


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