Selkiecore with Absenta Accessories

absenta-14Last summer I asked if selkiecore was a thing. With all of the different aesthetics emerging I felt like selkiecore could be a really lovely one. I love selkies because they are such a fun mix of seaside, nautical aesthetics and folklore. The post feels like a good visual to describe that aesthetic, although I think it also is reminiscent of old tales of merrows and other sea creatures as well. Selkies are seal-beings that can shed their seal skin and walk on land as humans. Female selkies in folk stories were always having their seal skins stolen by fishermen who then forced them to be their wives. Inevitably though like most stories between mortals and fae, the selkie would find her seal skin again, usually through her children and she'd disappear into the sea never to be seen again. Other stories focus on the male selkies, handsome dark haired and eyed men who wed humans but are so tied to the sea they can only visit land every seven years. The nature of all selkies stories is a bit dark--stolen cloaks, forced brides, and the call of the sea that supersedes all. I imagine as an aesthetic selkiecore would be slightly dark--the frightening depths of the ocean, the gleam of a lighthouse through a wild storm, wind-beaten shores, and thick aran sweaters. absenta-9 absenta-13When I had the opportunity to shoot these lovely crocheted pieces by Absenta Accessories they immediately reminded me of the seaside and old folk tales. The crocheted triangular shawl in shimmering silver yarn reminded me of nets spelled to capture mermaids or other secrets from the sea. I loved how the pieces felt like netting but also armor. Wrist warmers usually remind me of frail Jane Austen characters knitting in a corner or sent to the seaside for their health, but the way Absenta Accessories makes them they remind me of armored wrist cuffs. All of her pieces have a bit of a mystical feeling, taking traditional handicraft and weaving a bit of magic into each accessory. Her crocheted tiaras are a lovely new addition in her shop; soft but elegant. She also makes lovely collars as well. It was such a pleasure shooting her accessories and discovering her work; I really love opportunities like this to discover traditional craftsmanship and feature different independent shops. She was also kind enough to create a discount for us; use code ACLOTHESHORSE15 for 15% off in her shop. absentI also loved all the different ways you could style this shawl. Here's just a few different styles, but it could also be styled as a hair scarf, or wound in other ways. Whenever I get a new piece I try to imagine a few different ways I would style or what else I can wear with them. The scallop edged wrist cuffs will look so chic peeking out of coats and long sleeve dresses in autumn and winter. absenta-21 absenta-10 absenta-11-side absenta-6I don't often feel like a character in a book or fairytale (my life is far too mundane for that!) but style-wise I would aspire to dressing like a character from a folktale. These pieces helped elevate a white dress into something more magical. A merrow maid caught in a net? A selkie wandering the shore looking for her seal sisters still in the sea? absenta-17 absenta-23 absenta-16wearing Staud dress, Absenta Accessories shawl, wrist warmers, and crocheted crown. PS You can just the code ACLOTHESHORSE15 for 15% off in Absenta Accessories shop.


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