New Preset Pack: The Favorites Pack

favorites1I just added a new preset pack to my shop and this is a special one because it's a sampling of all my favorite presets from previous packs. Not only are these my favorites but they're also the ones that have been the highest rated, used, and recommended by my testers and buyers. This pack features twelve unique presets that are a combination of warmer and cooler edits, more autumnal tones and spring tones--which means it's perfect if you're not sure how seasonally driven your content is or if you just want a pack that you can use year round. You can purchase the Lightroom desktop or Lightroom mobile version of this pack in my shop for £24 (around $32). The Lightroom mobile version is also compatible with the free version of Lightroom mobile and both packs come with instructions on how to use them. Here's a few of my favorites from the favorite pack in action. goldenhour1raw-2"Golden hour" is one of my absolute favorite and most-used presets no matter the season. It's designed to bring a bit of golden hour glow to even the flattest images and does a great job of creating depth and making colors pop. It's originally part of my Summer Preset Pack, but now one of the twelve featured presets in the new Favorites Pack. It's kind to greens, slightly warm, and adds a lot a lovely contrast to images. raw-4-sideraw-5"Cherry Blossom" is a really lovely pastel preset originally from my Spring Preset Pack. I use this preset so much throughout spring and summer to bring out the best in soft blossom pictures. It's very gentle and green toned; I think it gives a lot of photographs an almost painterly effect as well. shade-2-sideshade-3"Shade" is one of my most subtle and natural presets. Many presets are designed to be a bit strong because the user can always personally adjust to make them softer or less intense, but Shade is one that is naturally very gentle but can still take a photograph to the next level. It's designed to mimic shade and adds a nice bit of depth and richness to every photograph you use it on without ever being "too much."font

I hope you love these presets as much as I do and click here to shop the Favorites Presets Pack!


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