New Handmade Clothing Brand: Revintaria

gorse-30One of the biggest struggles I've found when switching to a more handmade, ethical wardrobe from independent shops is finding those shops. The big brands have big budgets and a lot of visibility, you can barely browse the web or even Pinterest without their ads popping up showing you the latest items in their shop--this also makes it harder to resist those impulse purchases! Thankfully through Instagram I've been fortunate enough to stumble across a number of smaller, independent shops through one way or another. Sometimes it's through friends recommendations and sometimes it's when a lovely Instagrammer you've followed for years starts her own fashion label, which is the case with Revintaria, a nature and vintage inspired line based out of Poland. Even if I didn't already follow Alice on Instagram I would have found her shop eventually as a few people have commented on her clothes tagging me saying I would like the designs--and I do! Their clothes are made in classic styles using natural fabrics and finished with the loveliest details, like the Georgiana blouse I'm wearing with the most gorgeous leaf embroidery and delicate cuffs. Each design in their collection feels thoughtful and personal. The Aurora midi skirt is simple enough to pair with almost any blouse, but detailed enough with the double buckles, lace trim, and delicate patterning to feel special. gorse-3 gorse-6-side

wearing Revintaria blouse & skirt, vintage basket, Caboclo Brasil flats
gorse-21 gorse-32 gorse-34For spring Revintaria has released several lovely peasant blouses, more classic midi skirts in forest green and mustard, and a few cottagecore perfect dresses as well. The sizing is also surprisingly inclusive for such a small and new brand; sizes start at xs and run up to xxxl and you can also get custom orders on some styles as well (see more on their IG stories or message them to enquire). Additionally they plant a tree for every piece purchased! Honestly it's a lovely little brand that I hope to see continue to grow and flourish in the coming years.gorse flowers, cottagecore, cottagecore dress, mourne mountains, blouse, ireland, Revintaria, leaf embroidery gorse-31 gorse-12-side gorse-38We took these pictures at the foot of the Mourne Mountains between some of the many twisting stone walls in that region with the gorse in full bloom. The gorse blooms almost all year round, hence the old saying "when the gorse is out of bloom, kissing's out of season." I only learnt this year that gorse flowers are also edible! The rest of the plant is not considered edible, but petals can be turned into simple syrups or cordials. You can recognize gorse from other variations by the distinct coconut scent of the flowers--it's honestly so strong and sweet smelling. It always feels a bit odd to me to be surrounded by that heady tropical, coconut scent when in the much colder climate of Ireland with mist clinging to the mountains in the background.  gorse-33 gorse-28 gorse-27
wearing Revintaria blouse & skirt, vintage basket, Caboclo Brasil flats


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