Irish Brand To Know: Celtic Fusion

celticfusionn-25 I try to draw attention to different independent brands and if there's one brand I think you'll love if you follow my blog, it is: Celtic Fusion Design. Celtic Fusion Design is an independent fashion label based in the west of Ireland and as the name implies the label is inspired by ancient Celtic designs. The clothes feel very connected to history and nature with most designs featuring all natural fibers and folk inspired detailing. They create more traditional items like capes and Tara style brooches, but there's also a number of modern pieces that fuse ancient inspiration with current styles, like the fae knotwork leggings made with a hand blocked print. Personally I was drawn to a number of pieces that fall somewhere between the traditional and modern--a very wearable but pirate inspired blouse, tweed waistcoats, and the folk inspired Harvest dress. The fabric mimics a traditional weave (while being so soft) and the threads aren't dyed, so there's a very natural and earthy feel to this dress. I like the ease of the butterfly sleeves and the tie back style that lets you choose if you want it a bit more fitted or loose. It felt like an appropriate choice to wear while gathering a bit of wild garlic in the woods near my home. If you love this dress or any other pieces by Celtic Fusion Design, use my code "aclotheshorse" for 15% off your order.  celticfusionn-16 celticfusionn-9 celticfusionn-17-side

wearing Celtic Fusion Harvest dress, old espadrilles & vintage basket
use my code "aclotheshorse" for 15% off your order at Celtic Fusion Design
celticfusionn-2Living close to nature has definitely had a direct impact on my style. Shortly after moving here I gave up wearing heels (too impractical on the uneven and often muddy ground!) and fell in love with more natural fabrics (like this one) and tones. I don't spend all day wandering through idyllic woods, but I do live rurally and walk my dog often, so clothes that feel at home on these dirt paths make more sense in my life than the ones I used to wear when I lived in a city. Falling more in love with nature through being so close to it also has made me more aware of my shopping habits, which is why I've spent so much time finding more indie brands and choosing clothes made from natural fibers. I've also learnt so much about the woods and plants in my region--I'm still so far from an expert, but every year I learn a bit more about what I can forage. Wild garlic is always a favorite since it grows in such abundance here, but this year I also tried elf cups and wild violets. When trying to learn more about plants or changing my shopping habits it's good to look to nature as inspiration--we plant seeds but it takes many years for a tree to grow tall or the wood garlic to spread across the forest floor as it does here. We have to actively plant the seeds, but it's still okay to allow growth and change to be something to take seasons and even years.celticfusionn-23 celticfusionn-26
wearing Celtic Fusion Harvest dress, old espadrilles & vintage basket
celticfusionn-18-side celticfusionnWhile the dress I'm wearing is one of Celtic Fusion's more simple styles, I really love the thought and imagery that goes into some of their more decorative pieces. I'd like to get a Tara style brooch to wear in the autumn and I love the knot-work detailing that embellishes a number of their pieces. Here's what the designer, Regina Tierney, wrote about the history of Celtic knotwork: While not much is known for sure about the historical purpose of Celtic knotwork (other than decoration), it is clear that they are always cyclical and never-ending. In this way, I have chosen to use Celtic knotwork in my work as a symbol for the endurance of the ancient culture where they originated. Through my designs, I hope to help continue the ideas that Celtic culture symbolises. Using knotwork not only helps to keep that ancient form of art alive, but also continues the never-ending cycle of inspiration. I love that with the never ending knots the past is brought into the present--the chain remains unbroken and can continue for future generations.


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