Spring Blush

folie-12One style of dress I've really been wanting for a few years now is a classic linen dress with folk inspired embroidery. These styles are so timeless and feel right at home with my aesthetic--classic but comfortable with lovely little details. I decided to get one this year for my birthday but then spent months trying to choose a favorite style and color combination and a shop that was actually making them locally through sustainable means. Enter Folie du Lin, a lovely slow fashion brand producing linen clothes by hand out of France. I started following Folie du Lin on Instagram through the suggestion of a friend and quickly fell in love with their beautiful linen pieces, so I was quite excited when they reached out to me and asked if I would like a dress for spring! I immediately fell in love with this style that felt like a fun combination of modern and vintage with the bright pink colored linen and the more classic style embroidery. Really though the sleeves are what sold me on this style; they're so playful and the embroidery on them is so stunning! They have a lovely mix of more contemporary pieces like blouses with beautiful floral embroidery that would style easily with jeans, to the more traditional style dresses like I chose. You can also customize many of their pieces from the linen color to the pattern of the cross-stitch or embroidery. They also created a discount code for me to share with you, use "Rebecca15" for 15% off at Folie du Lin.  folie-3 folie-2 folie-18-side

Folie Du Lin dress use my code "Rebecca15" for 15% off (vintage basket & old espadrilles)
folie-19My new dress arrived just in time for our local cherry blossom trees to peak. With nature on my doorstep I feel like I've never been more influenced to dress seasonally than now. Inspiration can come from anywhere, but when I think of inspiration it feels very tied to influence as well--all the things I see daily, the paths I walk, the people around me shape my decisions so much. Passing these cherry blossom trees every day while walking Solomon had me wearing some shade of pink nearly every day for the last week. Cherry blossoms always remind me of my semester in Japan; I don't talk about Japan too often because it was quite awhile ago now and there's more current events on my mind! But I did study in Japan during university and I chose to go for a spring semester so I could experience the cherry blossoms...it really was everything I had imagined it would be. I remember distinctly walking to school every morning under the shower of cherry blossom petals and just feeling so alive and present. Perhaps because I was so present and aware of the beauty of those fleeting mornings that memory still feels fresh so many years later.  folie-24 folie-9 folie-5 folie-17-side folie-21 folie-25 folie-8
Folie Du Lin dress use my code "Rebecca15" for 15% off (vintage basket & old espadrilles)


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