Cottagecore Creators: Gingerlilytea

IMG_8675 (1)C9D34242-E486-42A5-A408-937D204718ACWhile the term cottagecore has gained popularity in the last few years, there's a number of creators who fit this aesthetic quite well who have been creating beautiful work long before that aesthetic term emerged. One creator that I always think of when I think of "cottagecore" but has existed for so much longer with her soft, pastel-hued style is Keri-Anne of Gingerlilytea. She lives in England and takes some of the dreamiest pictures I've ever seen. Her photography feels like childhood memories frozen in time--like those delightfully long summer evenings washed in golden light when the woods felt like a fairyland and you weren't expected home until it got dark. I've been following her on Instagram for years and her work is so consistently lovely--a perfect escape from the hectic world and balm for the eyes and soul. thumbnail-2 thumbnail-3She also recently published two fairytales which can be purchased in the form of an e-book. One story follows the adventures of three mice on an adventure to find where the strawberries and flowers grow, while the other tale introduces us to a lonely elf and mermaid. Both are such a whimsical, beautiful extension of her dreamy, but grounded in nature aesthetic. This is always the balance that I love about cottagecore--light and pastel aesthetics, but it's also nature, which is beautiful and very real and all these quiet moments of blossoming flowers that are worth savoring and celebrating.AfterlightImage -  2021-04-05T201419.700IMG_2459For more of Keri-Anne check out her blog Gingerlilytea by clicking here, or following her on Instagram.


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