Three Autumn Outfits with Vivaia Collection Boots

vivaia-22In the last few years I’ve tried to switch to a more ethical wardrobe; cutting out as much fast fashion as I could and investing in more sustainable brands. When shopping more mindfully certain pieces have been easier to find—I easily discovered brands that specialized in dresses and skirts in linen (one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics). Accessories have been a bit harder, one sustainable solution is to shop more secondhand so I’ve made an effort to buy vintage boots for the winter months but spring and summer flats in my style and size were a bit trickier to place. Which is why I was so excited to find Vivaia Collection this year. Classic and colorful flats that can be thrown in the wash? Yes, please! And they’re made of recycled plastic bottles? I was sold. Vivaia Collection shoes work so well with my vintage inspired outfits and help me follow my goals of shopping more sustainably. When I saw they had some new boots for autumn and winter I knew I wanted to try a pair for myself.vivaia-20vivaia-17vivaia-14-side

wearing old blouse & pinafore dress, Vivaia Tammy boot, tights
vivaia-16 vivaia-19
I chose the classic Tammy boot in black (it also comes in brown). This lace-up style always gives me slightly Victorian vibes and I think makes it a good fit for vintage inspired outfits from a range of eras, as you can see from the three outfits I styled with these boots. The boots are made from a mix of ethically sourced wool and recycled plastic; which means they’re warm and with a soft slightly stretchy fit that molds to your feet and ankles. I found them very comfortable and the soles are anti-slip, so I had no problem wearing them out on walks through our piles of wet autumn leaves! I’ll probably wear them the most with layers of long petticoats and skirts for warmth this winter, but I think they suited this swinging sixties inspired mini dress as well. It’s been awhile since I wore one of my minis, but I still have several in my closet! This pinafore is one of my favorites that I never seem to be able to get rid of despite my preference for longer skirts these days. In fact, aside from the boots everything in this outfit is at least four or five years old.
wearing Nour & the Merchant Harvest dress, corset, Vivaia Collection Tammy boots
vivaia-3 vivaia-5-sidevivaia-6 vivaia-10It always feels when November rolls around everyone is ready to focus on Christmas, but autumn is still lingering and golden in my region. There’s piles of leaves building up everywhere, jackdaws coming in to roost beside our lake and the smell of peat smoke lingers over the village in the evenings. So many days are still mild enough that you can get away with a few cozy layers rather than a full coat. As long as there’s still leaves around I’ll be embracing the autumn vibes. I always like to wear the colors of the season, so this deep orange linen is one of my favorite pieces for fall. I designed it with Nour and the Merchant and wanted to make it romantic and special, but still simple enough that you can style it a few ways, like with a corset as I’m wearing here. Corsets (or stays) have definitely become one of my favorite accessories to wear this year—they just make every outfit a little bit more special. This corset also features one of my favorite paintings from a second generation Pre-Raphaelite artist; it is the Accolade by Edmund Leighton. It’s hard to see in these pictures but the painting depicts a Queen knighting a young man. Perhaps one of these days I’ll have to try to recreate that painting in a photograph. cleanup-4edddd 2cleanup-5gatehouse-4-side
gatehousecleanup-2eddd 2This last outfit is more of my everyday look; it might be a bit more whimsical than the 60s inspired outfit, but I love these romantic sleeves, corset, and the bold color of the skirt. It’s very peasant princess for the autumn months and that style to me always seems not too dressed up or fancy. I think some people would find this look a bit theatrical, but linen is such a practical fabric I always feel like I can wear these clothes anywhere. Linen is pretty easy to clean and layers warmly, even my Vivaia collection boots can be brushed clean if I end up wandering off the beaten path. I like the way the lace-up details on the Vivaia Tammy boots echo the lacing of the corset, it really ties the outfit together for me. We haven’t had a hard frost in our region yet so our nasturtium plant in front of the how is still quite green. It’s always such a contrast to the trees around us that are shedding their leaves right now, but soon this garden will reflect the season as well. P.S. If you like these boots and want to try Vivaia Collection for yourself be sure to use my code ACH for 20% off!


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