Things You're Missing If You're Not A Patron

pat2These days most of my focus has been on growing my Patreon page and creating exclusive content for patrons. It's a wonderful way to access unique posts you won't see anywhere else and a platform where I feel more comfortable being more open and sharing slightly more personal posts. I've covered why I moved and some of the struggles of living abroad, thoughts on setbacks at work, along with more practical posts like photography tutorials and guides. Every month I also share exclusive wallpaper downloads with different nature themes, cottagecore book and movie recommendations, and so much more! One of the most popular series I started up this year was highlighting affordable cottagecore homes; some months I focus on cute thatches that are on the market for less than £100,000 and other months I share quirky, affordable escapes you can rent on holiday in Ireland or the UK. These pictures are from an adorable cottage in Kerry; on Patreon I share the listing, insights into the cottage, things to do in the area, local wallpapers, as well as other cute places you can book for you own cottagecore escape. pat3 pat4 pat5 pat6 pat7If you miss reading my posts please do consider coming over to Patreon where I post regularly and it's a great way to support my creative work as well. Patrons make it possible for me to tackle creative projects and  deep-dive into research on historical and fashion topics. It costs as little as £2.50 a month to become a patron and there's no long-term commitment. It may seem like a small contribution, but honestly every single patron makes a difference for me and it means so much to have your support. Plus when you sign up you instantly access my backlog of posts and if you do commit to annual membership you can save 10% off the whole year. Click here to become a patron and support my art today!


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