A Cottagecore Christmas Gift Guide


One of my favorite posts to write last year was my Cottagecore Christmas list because it was a lovely excuse to bookmark my favorite things to put on my own list! Whenever I think of the theme "cottagecore" my mind is drawn to more simple, home-y gifts; everything cozy, quite a bit of nature inspiration and perhaps a dash of fairytales as well. I tried to focus on small, independent shops and makers because I think Cottagecore should go hand-in-hand with shopping small. If we want to reject hustle culture for ourselves and live quiet lives then we should also seek to support artists and artisans--besides the quality of handmade things speak for themselves as well. A few well made pieces will last you for many years. Instead of a mass-produced synthetic hair bow, why not get a lovely linen bow with hand embroidered details? ccxmas
While I've mostly shared some of my top choices from small businesses, buying new isn't the only option when looking for cottagecore themed gifts. Vintage books with pretty covers, secondhand sets of teacups and vases found at thrift/charity shops, antique candle holders, or even handmade gifts of wreaths and crowns made from foraged bits of nature are also sustainable and affordable options. 


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