Four Lesser Known Sustainable Cottagecore Brands to Shop

bedraSo often when I see people discussing cottagecore clothes I see the same brands being mentioned time and time again--and while those brands are classic for a reason, there's a lot of little labels that are so lovely that are worth talking about too! Today I wanted to highlight a few of my favorite brands that work perfectly for cottagecore inspired outfits that you might not have heard of. These brands also are focused on sustainable fashion practices; they all emphasize working with better materials in small ateliers and workshops that pay their workers a living wage. To me sustainable fashion and cottagecore go hand-in-hand because if you love nature you want to support brands that are making an effort to protect nature. And if you want a slow living life, likewise you want others to have those opportunities too so brands that value slow fashion and fair wages are a true reflection of cottagecore values. Which is not to say that I exclusively shop from small labels like this. Let's not be so focused on perfection that we end up paralyzed indecision and guilt; we can all make steps to be better. Sometimes if we try so hard to change all of our shopping habits or overhaul our lifestyle we end up getting burnt out and quitting. Instead I feel that small, steady, realistic changes for your lifestyle and budget over time is the best way to change your habits and set goals that you can maintain. bedra-2bedra-3Bedra Vintage: I almost never see this brand listed on cottagecore roundups which are usually dominated by romantic linen dresses and it’s such a shame! Bedra Vintage aims to design timeless, classic pieces that can be worn and enjoyed for a lifetime. Their clothes are romantic, well made and full of interesting little details that make them special—most also boast pockets! They are intentional with the fabrics they use focusing on more environmentally friendly fabrics with certification and they try to prevent overproduction by making pieces at the time of an order. Their clothes tend to have a slightly more modern feel than some cottagecore brands that focus only on linen, so I also think they're a very wearable brand. Many dresses go up to a size XXL and they also accept custom fit orders as well that can accommodate other sizes or just custom fittings if you want something made to your measurements. Click here to visit their web shopearlyapples-23earlyapples-14Cottoncandywear: Another brand I don’t see spoken about enough is CottonCandyWear. This shop specializes in classic linen pieces; from everyday wearable shirt dresses and colorful aprons to timeless blouses. The dress and apron above are both by CottonCandyWear and I have a number of aprons in colorful shades all by them that are fun pops of color to add to basic cottagecore looks; a colorful apron can make a plain dress instantly look more cottagecore. Some of my favorite pieces by CottonCandyWear are their historical film inspired clothes—blouses that look ripped right off of Mr. Darcy’s back and dresses inspired by Pride & Prejudice. As a Ukrainian business their shop is sadly on hold right now, but definitely bookmark them on Instagram and Etsy to get updates when they start accepting orders again--and their prices are very competitive for the quality of the clothes they produce. Click here for Cottoncandywear's shop and here to follow them on Instagram.bedra-6bedra-5 bedra-4Voriagh: How do I describe Voriagh? I feel like Voriagh is a brand unlike any other; their clothes are also romantic and inspired by classic styles and folk details, but they weave everything together in such a unique way it’s hard to compare them to any other brand. They release small, thoughtful collections each season in unique silhouettes (secret pants!) and with folkloric embroidery. I’m also very partial to their bustiers which always give me instant hobbit vibes and can be styled so many ways. I'm wearing one of their bright linen bustiers above which is a perfect summer style, but they also have rich velvet styles reminiscent of dirndls that are perfect for the cooler months. Many of their pieces are made in a family workshop in Paris. Click here to visit Voriagh's web shop.bedra-7Solai: This is a brand I just discovered this spring and they are really focused not only on sustainable practices, but regenerative ones as well. They create small collections of both up cycled and recycled clothes; repurposing materials and adding original embroidery to recycled clothes to breathe new life into them. There are classic pieces, but this is also a great brand for the more fashion-forward sustainable dresser who likes to experiment and dress in a cutting edge way. I can just imagine their puzzle trousers and handprinted berets on a budding fashion student. Click here to visit Solai's shop.  fg-14fg-11As a bonus I have to mention Nour & the Merchant whom I have design collaborated a few times. Their clothes are made at their atelier in Italy with a focus on environmentally and deadstock fabrics. Nour & the Merchant specializes in whimsical, fantasy inspired designs that look like they leapt off the pages of my favorite books.


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