Last Chance to Shop My Capsule with Nour & the Merchant

nour-5nour-4All good things come to an end, and so it with heavy heart that I have to share that my collection with Nour & the Merchant is being retired. This means all of the pieces we designed together from my summer collection (like the chemise dress featured here) and the Harvest dress and Leannan Sidhe dress won't be available to purchase for much longer. The end of October is the cut off date for all sales and I don't believe we will be bringing back these pieces in the future, so this is your last chance to purchase anything I've designed with Nour & the Merchant. It's been a dream come true to design a wee clothing collection with Cristina and her atelier's help and I think we created some beautiful and hopefully timeless pieces together. The collection may be coming to an end but I know I will be wearing many pieces from this collaboration for many years to come!
nour-9 remix nour-11One of my favorite pieces has to be the Mystical Beasts Chemise that I'm remixing in today's post. It's based on the classic chemise design that is simple and versatile; it's loose fitting with an elasticized neckline and sleeves. A deceptively simple piece meant to be styled by the individual wearer. Most chemises come in classic white or occasionally pastel shades, but I had the idea of a printed chemise. All the versatility you expect from a chemise, but made more unique by a custom print we designed inspired by heraldry and mythological animals. The print features dragons, gryphons, and kelpies interwoven with thorny roses and is digitally printed on organic cotton. If you prefer a more classic chemise this dress can also be purchased in plain white cotton. As with all of Nour and the Merchant's clothes, these dresses are made slow fashion in their atelier in Italy with sustainability in mind from start to finish.  nour-6I really love how the chemise looks styled under the Apothecary Apron--another piece from my summer collection that is retiring in October. Whenever I think about sustainable fashion, I also think about versatility. How will this dress item fit into my wardrobe? How many ways can I wear it? My goal with pieces like the chemise and Apothecary apron is that they can be worn countless ways; the chemise can be styled as a blouse or a skirt, fitted or loose, on the shoulder or off, layered beneath things or styled simply with a belt--the options are endless. The Apothecary apron is slightly less versatile but still very remixable; unlike traditional aprons that inspired it, this apron can be worn with nothing underneath or layered endlessly with various blouses, knits, and more. Designing these pieces has been so much fun and I still love how these collections came out. It's sad to say goodbye to these dresses, but though they won't be for sale for much longer I'm sure you'll still be seeing them on my person and my blog! Shop my limited collection while you still can.

*pictures edited with my Dark Cottagecore Preset Pack (on sale)**


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