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corset-14I’ve been getting so many questions on my corsets lately that I thought the best way to answer this question is by writing a proper post on the topic—since I don’t exclusively shop from one store! Quick disclaimer: the “corsets” I tend to wear are fashion corsets. They aren’t meant to change your body shape or used as shape wear; they aren’t cut in a style to alter your figure (i.g. like an hourglass shape) and are intended to be seen (rather than styled underneath your clothes). These shouldn’t be tight-laced or uncomfortable to wear, but they do add a bit of structure to your looks and personally I find mine tend to improve my posture a wee bit! When getting fashion corsets you can look for more unstructured ones that don’t have boning but still can cinch in a look, or ones with modern (plastic typically) boning that are a bit stiffer but should still be purchased in your size (i.g. not a size smaller). They should all be comfortable and shouldn’t affect your breathing at all.

Costureroreal: Starting with some of the more comfortable and least structured styles, Costureroreal makes really cute unboned bodices. Their styles are so cute and come in really fun prints—I have a mushroom print one and I’m very tempted by their chestnut print style too. Most of their styles have lacing in the front and back which makes for very flexible fits. Lacing on both sides also means you can control the look a bit—you might want to intentionally leave a larger gap in the front so more of your clothes underneath peek through, or lace the front tighter and loosen the back.
Voriagh: Another brand that does cute and comfortable unstructured bodices is Voriagh. If you want more classic styles that really remind me of hobbit wear, these are the ones to go for. They come in a variety of solid colors in linen and velvet with pretty embroidery detailing. Again very comfortable with front lacing or buttons and some of the styles have side zippers too that make them easy to put on and take off.
French Meadows: I only have one French Meadow corset as they are a bit of an investment, but I went for a classic yellow corduroy style and I think it’s one of the nicest pieces I own. It’s so well made and beautifully structured, so it holds you so nicely. I would love more French Meadow corsets in the future but it’s definitely a brand I need to save up for and try to choose the style and print wisely so I can wear it often. For me the yellow cord was a perfect choice as it fits both spring and autumn with the fabric and color and goes with the majority of pieces in my wardrobe. It’s very well made and the heavier fabric is really nice for cozy outfits.
Ala Ovest Corsets: I only found this little shop recently, but their styles are beautiful and their prices are really good as well. The shop is only on Instagram so you have to look at their highlights for instructions on how to order and then DM or email them to make a purchase. They have some really lovely silhouettes and fabric options. I have one printed linen style by them and it’s very well made. I definitely think I’ll be getting another style from them in the future because the quality and fit is so nice and I love the styles available in your shop—like the plain linen styles look so perfect for everyday outfits. They also offer a lot of customization so you can choose how you want it to lace (front, back, or both) and other details as well when you order.
Proizvodstvo_Cool: This brand makes really lovely brocade/tapestry corsets and corset dresses too! Many of their corsets are also reversible so you can get two styles for the price of one; my tapestry corset for example has a Pre-Raphaelite painting on one side and is solid black on the reverse if I want to wear something simpler. In addition to their tapestry corsets they also create a one-off styles using recycled fabrics like tea towels, denim, etc. Those pieces are usually one of a kind and so unique. Again, they’re very comfortable and so well-made. I quite like how structured and thick these ones are, probably because they are reversible so they really look nice on both sides and have a real weight to them.
KGJach: This Etsy shop creates historical inspired garments, including some outfits that are straight off of the screens of Outlander. I have one corset from here that is an underbust style with a scalloped edge. It’s structured and I really love the shape of it. Since I have a few corsets now I try to look for styles I will wear often, but also for each corset to have some point of differentiation so none are too similar. The shape of this one is so unique and the color works with so many pieces in my wardrobe—they also offer this style in other fabrics and colors if you want to order it but the rust shade isn’t for you.
Of Witches and Bards: When I choose printed corsets I like to stick to neutral fabrics that can work in multiple seasons, which is why I fell in love with the soft toned floral print corset by Of Witches and Bards. The shop also has a very fun space print I'd get if I was more into modern styles. Again, this is very well made and structured with boning in the design. I love the scalloped edge here as well.

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