How long have you been blogging? 
I started in 2007!
Where does the blog name come from?
A clothes horse is the term/phrase for a wooden frame used to dry clothing OR a person excessively interested in fashion. My mother often used a clothes horse for our laundry and the second definition fit me nicely so I chose it for my blog name.
How do you afford your clothes? Do you get a lot of free clothes?
Budgeting mostly; I don't make a ton of money and I do like to spend most of my disposable income on clothes, so I budget in other areas of my life. Where I live right now the rent is cheap, I eat at home instead of going out, don't see movies in theaters often or go to concerts, etc. I'm happy to spend time at home or a friend's house watching Netflix in a new dress than eating dinner out and catching a show. When things are sent to me by companies then I write "courtesy of" or "c/o" by the item.
Does fashion blogging require a big, expensive wardrobe?
Short answer: no. Long answer: I firmly believe you build a closet slowly over time. And my closet is far from endless--I just try to not wear the same dress the same way twice which can give the illusion of having a million pieces. You can see this demonstrated in my remixes. And blogging doesn't require a big wardrobe; you can blog about what you wear whether it's new or old.
Do you earn money through blogging? 
Yes, aclotheshorse.co.uk is a working blog. This means I sometimes receive compensation for posts, run sponsored content, and can receive gifts from brands and vendors. I try to be upfront within each post when pieces are gifted from brands or I have received money to review a piece. (Disclosure page)
Is this your only job?
Blogging is my main source of income, but not my only source. I also freelance and supplement my income with other work.
Where else can I find you?
I'm on Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and I made these collages.


Who takes your photos?
Most of the time I take my own photographs. Whenever a friend or my husband helps me they are credited at the end of the post, although I still do all the photo selection and editing myself.
How do you take your pictures?
I use a self-timer or camera remote and a tripod. You can see an example of my process in a video here.
Do you have advice for taking pictures?
I'm not an expert so I always hesitate to give advice, but I have a series of photo tips that I'm adding to on a regular basis. I focus on what I know best from experience: how to take self-portraits for personal style blogging.
What is your camera?
I use a Canon Mark ii. All pictures on this blog (even when a friend helps me shoot) are taken with that camera.
What lens do you use?
I use a 50mm lens.
Where do you take your pictures?
In the area around where I live; I live in a rural area so a quiet, green spot is easy to find. I also like to ride my bicycle into the countryside looking for pretty areas to photograph.
Do people *catch* you taking pictures? Is it awkward?
Yes of course, I'm taking pictures in public areas so there's always a chance someone will walk/drive right by where I'm taking pictures. Sometimes it's awkward and other times it's no big deal. People are usually polite and curious and go away quickly enough. If you want to take pictures in pretty spots, you're bound to run into people, but you can't let that stop you from going outside and taking the kind of photographs you want to take. 
How do you edit your pictures? Do you have any tips?
I just started using Lightroom. I'm still a newbie at it so I don't have editing advice right now, if I feel more accomplished at editing I will share my process in my "photo tips" series.
Do you use Photoshop?
No. I like to play with colors or light in my photographs, but I don't do editing to make myself look thinner or taller. What you see is pretty much what you get--of course I only take pictures on good hair days!


How would you describe your style?
"Quirky ladylike" and "romanticism meets realism" are two terms I keep coming back to. I like vintage and retro styles, but I always wear them in a more modern way with quirky, personal touches. I also love Romanticism and find a lot of inspiration in the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood but my life is not a Waterhouse painting, so it's about balancing your inspirations with the reality of mundane, every day life.
Where do you find styling inspiration?
Everywhere; vintage films, other bloggers, magazines, etc.
Where do you shop?
All over, quite a bit online. I can't really write a cohesive list for this because it is all over, but I always list where my items are from in my outfit posts.
What's your budget when shopping?
It fluctuates monthly because my work is freelance, but I budget in other areas so I can have more disposable income to spend on clothing since I love growing my wardrobe. For me it's always about spending less than I make and finding a good deal. I try to buy from brands I like off season when pieces are discounted, save up for investment pieces, and avoid impulse purchases.
Who is your favorite designer?
Right now I'm in love with everything Valentino. Christian Lacroix is my all-time favorite designer because I admire all of his collections and his history. Other than that I tend to have seasonal favorites: Proenza Schouler, Carven, Erdem, etc.
Who is your favorite fashion photographer?
Tim Walker
What is your fashion philosophy?
To dress in a way that expresses myself creatively and makes me feel confident. When I am in an outfit I really like I feel a little untouchable—no one can really criticize my appearance because I am completely at ease in my clothes. I suppose one philosophy is: wear what you like so much that everyone else can hate it and it doesn’t bother you.
How do you feel about knock-offs?
It's complicated; I wrote a post about my thoughts on knock-offs here.
Do you have any tips about developing personal style?
Yep! It's one of my favorite subjects because it's been a very long and occasionally awkward process to figuring out mine! Some posts on the subject can be found here, here, and here.

How do you dye/style your hair?
I do dye my hair, I use L'Oreal Intense Red Copper. Please remember that using the same dye won't result in the same color for everyone--the color of your hair before you dye affects the end result. See all my hair posts here with the latest products I'm using. 
How tall are you/what size are you?
I'm 5'1" and usually wear an xs.
How much do you weigh/what are your measurements?
Sorry, while this may seem like an innocent question to some I think it's really best to not share numbers since they can be triggers for certain people.
How old are you? 
I'm 29.
Where are you from?
All over the place; my father serves in the military so we’ve been moving roughly every three years since I was 6 months old. I’ve lived in Maryland, Missouri, New Jersey, North Carolina,Washington State, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Germany, and Virginia. In college I also spent time abroad living in Japan and Greece. I now live in Northern Ireland.

Have you ever had a real job outside of blogging?
Yep! I've worked as a cashier, a secretary in a college Admissions office, been a teacher's assistant, been hired as a photographer, etc. I still occasionally take temporary jobs/positions, but I don't usually mention them on the blog.
Are you dating/in relationship/etc?
I'm married to an Irish man named Thomas. You can find a few pictures from our wedding day here.
Do you really live in that gatehouse you post on your Instagram?
Yep! It's a tiny house (less than 400 square feet) and surprisingly affordable to rent. Thomas found it before I moved to Northern Ireland and I really enjoying living in it.
Do you like living in Ireland?
Yes! Moving is hard even when you are used to it and it's never easy to living a different country from your family and most of your friends, but I do love it here.
Do you believe in God? Are you religious?
Yes, I believe in God. I’m a Christian and I do consider myself religious.

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