And Even When The Lights Are Off We'll Glow

My room is filled with boxes. They contain a mix of clothes that I left in the house in Pennsylvania, some from storage, some from older storage and the odd Christmas decoration/book/picture frame that creeps in. I have been reluctant to sort through them, but did spy this neon yellow fleece in one. This fleece has been called highlighter yellow, glow in the dark bright, obnoxious, and a variety of other names when it was my first love in junior high. I was living in Washington State then and the fleece was comfy and the bright color a nice contrast to the typical gloomy weather. However, every time I wore it to school it caused a stir and classmates complained that it was distracting during tests and causing headaches. Sigh. It was retired shortly afterward (and until recently I thought it was gone forever) for the good of my fellow students. Now however I have rediscovered my love...

Another outfit I've worn recently is this one. The plaid structured top that was made from old men's' shirts (not by me, a shop in Japan). A much more muted palette after the bright brights of yesterday.
Outfit 1 details: fleece- Gap, skirt- F21, shoes- H&M, scarf- my mother's (knotted into a necklace)
Outfit 2 details: shirt- some shop in Japan, skirt- Forever 21, shoes- H&M, bag- secondhand, fascinator- etsy
P.S. Will be doing outfit posts every other day now...


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