On Constructing An Outfit

I've been thinking about writing a post on this for awhile: the way I pair/layer/style really. But it's hard to put to words something that I'm beginning to find is very instinctual and rather strange sounding.

You see, clothes (a dress, shoe, bag, etc) each give me a certain vibe. I mean there are the obvious attitudes of preppy that is sensed in an argyle piece, or rocker in a ragged band tee, but I find every vintage dress has its own delicate personality. When pieces have a similar vibe they will work; when they don't your outfit tends to feel dysfunctional. To me not every pair of black shoes will go with every printed dress, sometimes their structure is just wrong paired with the style of the dress. Same with bags, obviously a giant tote bag doesn't really work with and elegant and streamlined silhouette...
Am I making any sense? Of course, this whole style theory might just be effective for me. I feel all of my style "vibrations" are in tune although to someone else my outfit might seem very schizophrenic. In the end, of the day these pairings feel natural and pleasing to me, but it doesn't do to project onto others.
So, what helps you make your style choices?
Outfit details: dress- Pretty Trashy, shoes- Blowfish via Urban Outfitters, scarf- my mother's


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