Can You Keep Up?

I've entered the Teen Vogue snapshot contest. It's one of my favorite looks recently and if you liked it let me know in the comment section on the T.V. site. Thanks to everyone for their support! I'm curious, if one does win any of the prizes can they spend part of the money on others?

I wore my converse for the plane flight. I'm not intentionally trying to channel the grunge era, but perhaps subconsciously it is affecting my style. The shoes are some of my old favorites that I don't wear nearly enough. And they are doodled on and beaten up as I believe converse sneakers should be. Honestly, I find rock posers in clean converse quite obnoxious--that is not how converse should look!

This is what I wore yesterday, you saw a couple peeks of it around the house, but here is the full outfit. It is my favorite vintage dress that I wear again and again. The cooler temperatures here take a little adjusting to, but I'm lazing around indoors for the most part at the moment.

Outfit details: plaid dress- Urban Outfitters, jacket- Urban Outfitters, hat- secondhand, backpack- some shop in Japan, shoes- Converse

Outfit 2 details: dress- vintage via eBay, belt- secondhand, jacket- Ralph Lauren via eBay, shoes- H&M, bag- secondhand


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