What I'm Wearing

My outfit shots to me are a creative expression, but also part diary. I photograph my outfit daily without fail whether I find it a spectacular outfit or not--the point isn't always to "wow" but to capture the moment. Since it is so much of a diary style, I am moving the posts to every other day (as I briefly mentioned before). I will still post most days and I might post two outfits every time I do an outfit post. Just an update if anyone was noticing the (small) change...

I visited a beach here and although I remember them from last time I lived here it still isn't what I associate the beach and ocean with. Of course, my mother would argue that after living in Hawaii one is spoiled as to what they believe a beach should be like. But sun, sand, and big waves seem essentials to me... I didn't take my tripod with me on my walk, so I balanced my camera on the large rocks in that area to snap these pictures.

Outfit 1 details: shirt- Gap, dress- H&M, shoes- H&M

Outfit 2 details: shirt- secondhand, shorts- J Crew pants cut down, shoes- H&M


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