Great Principles Don't Get Lost

Considering the political climate the United States is in at the moment, the best old film that can be recommended is: Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. If you haven't seen this film, you really must. A good man (James Stewart) makes it to the US Senate where he faces corruption and as he tries to stand up against it he is crushed. However, despite overwhelming odds Mr. Smith does not back down. A story of David and Goliath with the law being the small stone to strike the giant down. Honestly, this is one political film that will make you want to cry, but also cheer.
I stumbled across these ads for Harvey Nichols the other day. I'm afraid I've never heard of Harvey Nichols before, but Wallace and Gromit (well, Gromit anyway) are near and dear to my heart. Even if you have never seen their adventures on film, surely these ads will make you smile. So clever, and Lady Torrington is wearing one of my favorite Alexander McQueen dresses!


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