Who Doesn't Enjoy Triplicate?

Spotted! I may be seeing what I want to see (don't we all), but it appears to me as if this girl is carrying a bag in the shape of a horse or pony. I've seen plenty of "dog" bags that to me seemed very tacky, but this animal purse seems more subdued...perhaps it is the tones, it is definitely not the size!
Vena Cava always presents a lovely collection, but the emphasis seems to be on styling rather in innovative pieces. This collection shows much more originality and experimentation than previously seen. The second outfit is reminiscent of chain mail; carrying on the trend of body chains and YSL's starry armored suits?
Lastly, a couple of pictures I snapped while at the Puyallup Fair the other day. My favorite part was the rides, I may be a slight adrenaline junkie...


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