Blau, Azul, Bleu, Biru, Mavi

I have a thing for the color blue--it sort of goes beyond just being my favorite color and has become a minor obsession. Recently I got my mitts on some vibrant blue nail polish, which means I now have blue eyes, blue skin (via my tattoo), and blue nails (all that is left is blue hair!). In addition, I am reading a book on the history of blue which investigates the origins and various symbolic meaning the color has held in various cultures. Fascinatingly, the color wasn't present in ancient artwork or manuscripts and some experts used to hypothesize that ancient peoples actually couldn't see the color...
Outfit details: jacket- H&M, cardigan- H&M, dress- vintage via eBay, pants- Forever21, shoes- H&M, nail polish- Sephora


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