It's National Crime Prevention Week. Take a burglar to dinner.

One of my favorite films to watch for the pure pleasure of entertainment is How To Steal A Million. Starring Audrey Hepburn and Peter O'Toole this comedy caper about the daughter of an art forger who hires a thief to help her steal one of her father's sculptures from an art museum, is pure delight. Every line is witty and Audrey is wonderfully endearing as the slightly naive and earnest first-time burglar who falls for her partner in crime. Audrey seems to feel that when meeting to conspire with her hired thief she must dress the part, my favorite scene is where she wears a little black lace mask "to be discreet." Isn't it wonderful when characters in films dress up as if they would like to be characters in films?
Final thought: watch this film if you want to laugh. Film stills gratefully borrowed from Picked Pics


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